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As parents, carers, and teachers we are very aware of the increasing stress and anxiety our younger generation is experiencing. This can play out as being socially withdrawn, having sleep issues, behavioral issues, and low self-esteem as well as physical ailments. I am passionate about giving our young people a toolkit for life enabling them to cope with anxiety, worries, and stress.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for 12 years and I have full DBS Enhanced Clearance. I have worked in a variety of schools and nurseries over the years. I am so excited to bring my classes online so that my work can be more accessible to a wider demographic.


Classes for 8-12 Years Old

My classes for 8-12 years old children are 20-minute sessions using breath techniques to reduce anxiety, to calm and relax the mind, and nervous system. The classes are delivered using story-telling visualisation to keep them engaging, interesting, and fun.

I schedule three classes a week for Tweens, two during the week and one on a Saturday morning.

Exclusive Classes for Ages 13+

My adult classes are suitable for ages 13+. In addition, I run two classes a week exclusively for 13 to 18-year-olds, empowering our young people with a toolkit of resources to help them cope with anxiety, stress, and worry.

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