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Complimentary Yoga Nidra for  Cancer Patients

– My Seva (selfless service) to you.



If you have been diagnosed, treated for, or are experiencing post-treatment anxiety, I offer two weekly live Yoga Nidra Sessions.

I completely understand the fear, anxiety, and trauma you are going through as I had Breast Cancer myself 9 years ago, and I live with being a BRCA2 Gene Carrier. 

I have also lost very close family members to this horrible disease. It will be my honor if I can serve you by alleviating any stress, grief, or anxiety you are experiencing.

I want Yoga Nidra to be accessible to everybody and for you to be able to complement your medical and or holistic treatment with this profoundly healing, immensely relaxing, and holistic meditative experience.

When I was going through treatment and beyond, I had a constant headache for about 4 months – Naturally, I was convinced it was a brain tumor. It turned out it was stress, understandably. However, if I had access to Yoga Nidra back then, I am sure it would have alleviated some of the stress and helped calm my anxiety.



The live sessions will be tailored to be very specific to what you're living through. I will also set up a private Whatsapp group so that we can support each other and build our tribe in healing, love, and strength.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would work full-time in Seva, helping to heal the world. But while I still need to earn a salary, I am limited.

If you feel the pull to help me reach more people needing loving, healing support, you can recommend my classes to your friends and family. The more the tribe grows, the more complimentary sessions I can add. I want to create a tribe where everyone feels held and nurtured; I hope you join me.


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Once you are settled into your Yoga Nidra nest, I will guide you into an effortless state of bliss and relaxation. Here you will experience a reboot of your nervous system along with deep healing and rejuvenation.


If you have been diagnosed, treated for, or are recovering from Cancer I offer two weekly live Yoga Nidra sessions and a supportive community.


When we slow down our breath we slow down our mind, when we slow down our mind we can find deep peace and stillness within allowing us to go inwards and connect to our source of truth, our deep knowledge, and intuition.

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